Monday, May 16, 2011

Claude Giroux: 3 Autographed Cards

I sent Claude Giroux the five cards picture above on March 30th and got all of them back on May 13th. These two were returned unsigned:
I guess he wanted to preserve the sanctity of his rookie card and didn't want to think back to last year's playoffs...

I'd been following his career closely since his days in Juniors, after he got drafted; I even took two trips to Hull/Gatineau to watch him play, which is where I purchased these cards (unsigned - he signed them in blue sharpie in the mailing):
They are both from In The Game. The card on top is from the 2007-08 Heroes And Prospects collection (card # 45) while the one on the bottom is from the 2008-09 Heroes And Prospects set (card #85). I'm not usually a fan of the colour orange on clothing, but the Gatineau Olympiques pull it off rather well, I think.

He also took the time to sign one of his Philadelphia Flyers cards, from Upper Deck's 2010-11 Victory set (card #141):
Maybe I'll send him the other two back in a few years to try to complete my ''different jerseys'' collection, but I'm the meantime I'm quite satisfied that this up-and-comer took the time to sign these three cards. He is becoming so productive that the Flyers can now afford to seriously consider letting go either Mike Richards or Jeff Carter to land a top-notch goalie to get them to the Cup. And should they get there, Giroux is clutch enough to land the Conn Smythe trophy.


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