Monday, February 6, 2012

José Theodore Jersey Card

Year in and year out, these days, it seems José Theodore gets no respect. He gets signed to small-ish contracts and constantly has to battle for his ice time with younger goalies.

This season, he stands at the middle of all league stats with a 14-9-5 record, a 2.50 GAA and a .916 save percentage with a free-falling Florida Panthers team.

Last season, with the Minnesota Wild, he went 15-11-3 (2.71 GAA and .916%), and the year before that, with the Washington Capitals, he went an astounding 30-7-7 (2.81 GAA and .911%) on a team that was going all cylinders on offense and didn't care about D at all.

José still has game, and should play in the NHL for at least 3 more good years.

This card is from Upper Deck's 2001-02 Mask Collection set, the Super Stoppers goalie jersey sub-set (card #SS-TH). It depicts him as a member of the Montréal Canadiens (another huge swatch), the year where he was going to win the Hart, Vezina and Crozier trophies. With the stats he's keeping, they're going to have a hard time keeping him out of the Hall Of Fame someday...

I got this for $1.99 on Ebay a few years back, when he was with the Colorado Avalanche...

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