Friday, May 11, 2012

Roman Hamrlik Autograph Card

In honour of the Washington Capitals' win over the New York Rangers last night, I'm putting up a card from the monster pressure player who goes by the name of Roman Hamrlik.

The Hammer played for the Habs the 4 seasons prior to this one and would have liked to stay, but the team only offered him a 1-year contract and he was looking for two, which the Caps offered. Plus, the opportunity to play with world-class players such as Alex Ovechkin was probably hard to pass up...

Kind of like seeing this card for $1.99 on Ebay was too hard for me to pass up. Card # 147 from Pinnacle Brands' 1997-98 Be A Player set - yes, that brand has had more manufacturers than almost any other so far! - it is a signed insert version of the regular card, different only that it is autographed on-card in black sharpie. Not only could it be the first card from the 1997-98 season I've featured on here so far, it also sees him sporting the Tampa Bay Lightning's eye-catching (for all the wrong reasons, of course), ill-fated third jersey, decorated with a commemorative patch to boot!

Also notice the O-Pee-Chee-worthy, slightly-out-of-focus picture, and Roman's famous ''round-shaped-mouth-looking-like-he's-having-trouble-breathing'' face.

Sure, he was a healthy scratch for 15 games or so this season, but Dale Hunter has been putting him out against the opponent's powerplay throughout the playoffs, and it looks like he's thriving in the hard-working environment the coach has created of late. Good for him.

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