Monday, January 7, 2013

Brent Bilodeau Autographed Card

Right before my stint in the hospital, I mentioned in this post about Brent Bilodeau that I had an in-person autographed card of him lying somewhere... Well I found it!

The signature is pretty similar to the one on the other card, except this time around he included his jersey number (5). The fact that he signed it in blue sharpie complements the Fredericton Canadiens' (the Habs' then-AHL affiliate) red uniform very well, and adds pizazz to this card from Classic's 1993-94 Pro Hockey Prospects card, number 58 in the set.

I got this signed during the 1994-95 AHL Finals, on a trip to the capital of New York (State), when the Albany River Rats beat the Canadiens. Many of the Habs' prospects were eager to sign, surprised they got recognized on the road. I remember getting Craig Ferguson, Yves Sarault, Scott Fraser, Christian Proulx and a few others to sign, I'll have to look for those...

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