Friday, September 19, 2014

Craig Muni Autograph Card

Before his NHL career really took off with the Edmonton Oilers, Craig Muni played 19 games over 4 seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs (who had drafted him 25th overall in 1980), wearing four different uniform numbers.

He will mostly be remembered for his time in Edmonton, though, having played there for 7 seasons and posting the best plus/minus statistics in three seasons, while winning three Stanley Cups in his first four seasons. He was the team's top shut-down defender with Kevin Lowe, a master at blocking shots and open-ice hits.

Of course, between the time the Oilers signed him and his first game with the team, he was traded three times in a 48-hour span, from Edmonton to the Buffalo Sabres to the Pittsburgh Penguins back to the Oilers, just so he could avoid falling to waivers. It cost Glen Sather some ''future considerations'', but all things considered, was for the best.

He finished his career by playing for five teams in five seasons - Buffalo (160 games) and Pittsburgh (64 games) both being in the mix, along with the Chicago Blackhawks (18 games), Winnipeg Jets (25 games), and Dallas Stars (40 games).

So I was happy I could add him to my Oilers Numbers Project (accounting for #28), with this card from Upper Deck's 2013-14 Edmonton Oilers Collection, which is #FI-MU of the Franchise Ink sub-set:

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