Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nathan Beaulieu Autograph Card

I'm saving a very special ''feature'' for tomorrow, but with the World Juniors set to begin in a few days and Nathan Beaulieu now seemingly with the Montréal Canadiens to stay (he's played very well of late, perhaps a little too hesitant to go on the offense like he will later, but that's ok, Andrei Markov and P.K. Subban can take care of that aspect for now), I thought I could feature him playing for Team Canada, wearing the #28 uniform of his youth that he has now switched to with the Habs as well, after wearing #40 previously:
It's from Upper Deck's 2013-14 Team Canada set (the same as the regular #147 card but with a sticker autograph signed in blue sharpie and the Signatures mention on the left-hand side), showing him wearing the country's white (usually playing the ''home'' side) uniform.

Beaulieu has a bronze medal from the 2012 World Juniors, where he had a single assist in 6 games, way off from the near point-per-game pace he kept in the LHJMQ. He has also yet to score a goal in the NHL in 43 games so far (yeah, I'll be ready when he does), with just 6 assists (2 per year since 2012-13), but he's improved consistently in the AHL with the Hamilton Bulldogs, so my guess is once he hits his stride, it'll be smooth sailing.

Still, he just turned 22, so I don't expect him to reach anything close to his peak for 3 more years. As Snoop Dogg would put it: ''Slow and steady is all to the gravy''.

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