Sunday, March 8, 2015

Velvet La Touche Autographed Picture

I attended a very fine spectacle last Saturday, as I made my way to Café Cléopâtre for an evening of burlesque performances - expertly timed with my finishing Season Two of Boardwalk Empire right before - one in which every performance was a crescendo of intensity and showmanship, culminating with the evening's headliner, Velvet La Touche.

The pin-up and glamour model made her best impression of a 1950s oblivious housewife mixed with 1990s opioid-pill addict pretend-happy lady who turned a kitchen scene into a bloodbath, and it was the best five minutes of my year so far.

Prior to that, the record belonged to the moment when I opened an envelope with my name on it that was waiting for me at the door... containing this:

That, folks, is how you turn a curious bystander into a fan.

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