Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Andy McGaffigan Autographed Card

As a kid, I generally preferred my baseball cards to be action shots, but this one of Andy McGaffigan's - from Topps' 1988 Topps set (card #488), which he signed in black sharpie - always makes me happy, firstly because of his terrific mustache, but also because of the look on his face, which shows a sense of humour:
McGaffigan holds the distinction of having played twice for both the Montréal Expos and San Francisco Giants and having also belonged to the Cincinnati Reds twice - they'd initially drafted him in 1974, left him unsigned, and traded for him in 1984.

He was a dependable reliever who could fill in as a starter on a whim, which was extremely helpful to managers.

He also had some decent dodging moves, as can be attested by this video:

He's also a welcome addition to my Expos Numbers Project, filling in at #27.

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