Sunday, June 18, 2017

Olaf Kolzig Autographed Card

A couple of weeks ago, a fellow collector named Aaron contacted me for a trade; one day was all it took for us to agree on the terms of the trade: I would send him a card of Jhonas Enroth's I'd featured in 2014 for this one of Olaf Kolzig:
That's card #200 from Upper Deck's 2003-04 Victory set, which he signed in blue sharpie.

Upon agreeing to the trade, I set my entire binder of players whose last names start with the letter "E" aside and asked Aaron if he had a story pertaining to the card that I could share when showing it off; it turns out he didn't, he got it in another trade, presumably with the person who acquired the signature, and hadn't thought of asking for specific details.

Still, I have a story with this card anyway, one in which I do not come out in a very positive light and, hopefully, this is just what I need to get the situation corrected.

You see, I set the Enroth card aside, as well as the rest of the binder containing my special cards of Jordan Eberle, among others, yet it has eluded me ever since. I've turned my (relatively small) apartment upside down three times already, and with work (playing music gigs outside of town at night and doing freelance translations by day) and the rest of my life, it's literally been weeks since I promised to send my end of the deal.

I even offered Aaron to just send the Kolzig back right away and the Enroth when I find it - he's actually a fan, and it was my only card of his, so he'd likely have a much better use for it than I would, and he would probably deserve getting it for free anyway - but he has given me more time to look for it.

Here's hoping karma or some other mystic form of goodwill compensation helps me fall onto it soon. This is not a good feeling at all. It dampens my enthusiasm of adding to my Kolzig collection, and I'm certain the former Vezina winner and Conn Smythe finalist wouldn't be proud.

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