Saturday, May 8, 2010

Holly Huddleston Autograph Card

Half of the hyperactive, cliché'd-blonde duo ''The Olly Girls'' with Molly Shea, Holly Huddleston has been a model since the end of her high school days.

Modeling and befriending her fellow near-twin Shea, both landed roles on the ''Reality TV'' show Sunset Tan, although both seemingly lose their jobs (together, of course) at the end of the first season, after pissing everyone else off, and throwing a party at their bosses' house - when they were away. They've also appeared together on many Benchwarmer cards.

Speaking of which, here's one where she appears solo: part of the recycling-friendly 2009 Benchwarmer Archive series, what they did was take a 2007 autograph card (#5 of 24) and add a foil stamp in front that says ''Archive Auto'' and add a limited edition number on it (in this case, #04/50). So, essentially, Benchwarmer tried to add value to a 2007 card by taking 50 of them, numbering them, and re-releasing them in 2009... yeah, makes total sense. Who thought of that, the Olly Girls?

As I'm sure you can tell, this set is (only) the second time Benchwarmer has disappointed me; not enough to institute a boycott, as these are still beautiful card, albeit recycled, but enough to issue a stern, public warning. And the other time I was disappointed is when they made a whole set, Gold Edition (2005, I think) where all they did was reprint old, previously-used pictures on gold-coloured cardboard to make a new set, when they could have at least used alternate pictures of the girls wearing the same lingerie/clothes/bathing suits.

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