Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jude Millien Autographed Comic Book

Jude Millien is an artist whose work in the comic book industry is mostly concentrated in the 1995-99 era, before the distributors' war. He is most known for his work with London Night studios, notably the Razor titles for which he was writer, penciller, inker and cover artist. His specialty was drawing femme fatales.

When the comics industry downsized at the turn of the millennium, he went back to university to finish his bachelor's degree in animation.

These days, he takes orders for commission work, drawing any comics character of your choice, even some he didn't work on (Superman, Batman), at prices ranging from $25 (pencil) to $35 (pencil and ink) to $70 (full colour), background not included.

Here is a copy of Lethal Strike #3, which at the time sold for $3 in the U.S. and $4.25 in Canada, signed in gold sharpie at the bottom by Millien himself at a comics convention.Through the magic of Ebay, I got it for less than the cover price. Much less.

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