Thursday, March 3, 2011

Billy Tucci Autographed Comic Book

Billy Tucci is an American writer and comics author best known for his creator-owned title Shi, a Japanese/American female martial artist and swordsperson. Shi is usually considered of the ''Bad Girl'' genre of comics: typically, they are tough, mean and violent female characters, whether they're heroes or villains.

Tucci publishes under his own imprint (company), Crusade Comics; he often portrays Shi with heroes from other publishers - these titles are called ''crossovers''. This particular book, Shi/Vampirella #1: Crusade Collectables Edition is actually a crossover with the character Vampirella, a vampire-hunting vampire who, depending which origin story you follow, is either from a planet called Draculon, or is the daughter of Lilith, Adam's first wife before Eve (you know - the Bible story Adam and Eve).

Like the Jude Millien comic I wrote about in February, this was purchased from a reliable seller on Ebay, who got it signed in black sharpie at a comics convention and is liquidating most of his stuff. Some go for big money, I was the winner of two of the lowest-priced items.

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