Saturday, January 21, 2012

Miki Black Autograph Card

Benchwarmer's 2011 Vault set was advertised as a means for the brand to liquidate past redemption products it still had in stock as inserts, with added brand-new autograph cards to boot. This is card #14 in their ''recycled-image-for-new-autograph-card'' sub-set.

Miki Black - formerly known as Miki Twinning - is a model who has appeared in such TV shows as Entourage, Manswers, CSI: New York and Las Vegas and has recently started a rock band in which she sings and plays guitar. She has a B.F.A. in Commercial Art/Computer Design from Millikin University (Illinois), though, so she's more than just a pretty face.

But what usually catches most people's eye is her attraction to problems, namely alcohol, drugs, and a propensity for drama which allegedly can turn into failed suicide attempts, according to a guy who claims to be her ex. He has written this very public open letter to her, probaly trying to catch a bit of the vapors from her success:
My name is John Hofman & in 1991 I dated a sexy little lady whos name was Miki Twining , now known as Miki Black. She was one little hell cat for sure. I could tell you some tells ,but for now I wanted to share how very srewed up mentaly , she was.
     At the time she was taking Lithium & on 2 occassions she slit her wrists . Once sitting on my couch she took a knife & stabbe herself in the leg. Another time while driving down the street she opened the door ( she was driving ) & hung outside the car & was being drug down the street.
        I realy loved that girl but I got caught up in her problems & ended a mess myself. The thing I will always remeber was when she looked me in the eye & said " I am evil & you do not want to fall in love with me "
       I just recently found out that she is now Miki Black , the model. I hope & pray she is doing good & has overcome whatever problems that haunted her back then. If for any reason Miki should read this , I want to say how very sorry I am that I could not love her & care for her as she needed because of my own problems with drugs & alcahol . I hope you will forgive me & know I will always love you . 
                                                       John S Hofman
 Good luck, man.

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