Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Autographed Diaper From A Comedy Show

Talk about unique memorabilia...
Almost every night of this year's ZooFest, I went to see a show or two, and it started with Les Papas (Martin Félip, Jonathan Roberge and Jérémie Larouche) on July 5th at Théâtre Ste-Catherine, where hopefully I will never have to go again, but for reasons unrelated to this show at all.

The show was ok, I'd seen Félip live maybe a dozen times because he's a friend of my ex's and, as the years pass - maybe because he's getting older or perhaps because he's more desperate to enter the mainstream comedians' club - I've found him less and less funny each time. Not by that much, but over time, it goes from a 4/5 performance to barely 3/5, maybe 2.75/5.

He used to host and headline shows, now he's opening them.

Roberge was a notch better. I also saw him in the XXX show this year, and he brings good jokes and that something extra to the table. For Les Papas (''The Dads''), he recycled a skit from his web series where he's on video talking to his son, and took it into the future. He did two bits with this and was pretty good.

But the biggest surprise was Larouche. A tall, skinny guy who doesn't look a day over 19, he was hyperactive, expressive and really funny.

All in all, I'd give the show 3.5/5, or 70%. Some parts were amateurish, others half-funny, but all in all it was an hour spent in good humour, a good time.

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