Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vinny Testaverde Jersey Card

Vinny Testaverde is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. He currently stands 7th on the all-time passing yards list with 46,223, and 8th with 275 passing touchdowns. Additionally, he holds 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers records, 4 Baltimore Ravens records, and 3 New York Jets records, as well as two NFL records: oldest player to win a game (age 44 - take that Brett Favre!) and most consecutive seasons with a touchdown pass (with 21).

All told, he's played for 8 teams, usually as the go-to guy from the start or the replacement free agent when the starting QB got injured. He played at least 13 games in 13 of his first 14 seasons, a testament to his tenacity and longevity. He played in the Pro Bowl twice, and was an All-Pro in 1998.

He's a shoe-in to make it to the Hall Of Fame someday.

So when I found this card in a grab-bag of mixed sports cards, I was very happy. It's card #POG-56 from Playoff's 2002 Piece Of The Game, a white swatch of the 1st Down variety, numbered 226/250. More importantly, Playoff doesn't mess around, and as you can see, the back of the card not only shows you the actual jersey the piece was cut from, but the specific date and game during which it was worn.

That's some serious stuff!

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