Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brandie Moses Autograph Card

More and more, it seems Benchwarmer is into limited-edition sets rather than, you know, actual sets. Case in point, this 2012 Happy New Year set (also known as Holiday Upddate). It consisted of 13 cards of models with Benchwarmer's 2011 Holiday design in the background, and 10 with a Happy New Year design - all found in every box, available for $99.

Where they got folks to ''collect them all'', however, was by inserting a ''parallel'' card in every box, plus two ''wild card'' cards - models featured with one design in the regular set sporting the other design for their wild card... seems a tad desperate, no?

That's why I didn't purchase it when it came in my inbox, deciding instead to eventually buy a card or two on Ebay if it sticks out. And this one sure did:

Brandie Moses was ''discovered'' by Playboy in 2005; she has since appeared as the cover model for many of their special editions, calendars and billboards, and items of hers have become among the brand's most popular. She is also a WMMA ring girl and TV/radio personality (albeit mostly Playboy-related).

This is her ''wild card''. I really like the New Year design, and her outfit here may be the Benchwarmer ''uniform'' that has impressed me the most so far. It is signed in black sharpie and cost less than $5.

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