Monday, June 2, 2014

Hiromi Oshima Autograph (Redemption) Card

In the last part of my Benchwarmer Redemption series (for the moment), I present you Hiromi Oshima. The 34-year old is a pretty big deal, as she was only the second ever Japanese-born Playboy Playmate when she made the centerfold for the June 2004 issue.

Her adventure with the Bunny Family (and modeling in general) started when she was ''discovered'' on a beach while vacationing in Florida. Or as someone else could put it, a wise photographer got free eye and lens candy. She was part of the auditions for the 50th Anniversary Playmate hunt, then made the cover of the Exotic Beauties release, as well as starred in a bunch of their videos.

She has prepared her after-career with a degree in communications and already having some behind-the-camera credits as a ''photo production coordinator'', and is also a member of The Playmate Dancers troupe, which is like the Suicide Girls shows or The Pussycat Dolls without the hit songs (like back when they were just a burlesque show).

Her video credits include Nelly's Shake Ya Tailfeather and the Beyoncé - Lady Gaga hit Telephone, and her TV credits include Community and The Girls Next Door; she has also appreared in The House Bunny starring the incredible Anna Faris, and Race To Witch Mountain (with The Rock), which you can run to avoir watching.

Which brings me to this card, from Benchwarmer's 2014 Eclectic set, actually released in 2013 (card #47), signed in black sharpie:

What Eclectic is, basically, is a revamped version of the old Vault sets, which re-packaged leftover autograph cards of past sets / redemptions / events and differentiated them by stamping an extra logo on the card; the spin with Eclectic, on the other hand, is that it costs the same as a regular box (they can be found anywhere between $40-80), and contains a factory-sealed complete set of the 1994 Series 2 collection, 60 (sixty!) unopened packs of past editions (expect few of the costly ones and plenty of the older releases), a jumbo card from any possible release, plus a team bag (those things that hold top holders) filled with new and old inserts, including a new line of eponymous autographs, swatch cards, and Carmen Electra cards. The ''new'' checklist consists of 90 models, and my card is from the middle of the pack.

Funny how BW even have leftover cards from their sets where they re-sell you their leftovers.

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