Friday, July 18, 2014

Anthony Hopkins Clothing Card

So, uh, here's a bit of a downer. I actually got this card in a re-pack of sports cards, which also contained a golf autograph (since traded) and mostly (common) baseball and basketball cards - obviously not a pack meant for me, unless karma wanted to repay me for a past sin. It's from Razor's 2010 Pop Century collection, which was essentially a six-card box containing three autograph cards and three Celebrity-Worn Wardrobe swatch cards, probably at a ridiculously high price; my card is #SW-6 in the set, and features a piece of clothing (either a dress shirt of the inside of a blazer, in my opinion) guaranteed to have been worn by acclaimed actor Anthony Hopkins:

The Good: Sir Hopkins is an Academy Award-winning actor, known worldwide for his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal, and Red Dragon.

The Bad: I'm not a huge fan.

The Ugly: well, the card, overall. It's an awful design - I get the ''actor / theater curtain'' thing, sure, but why blue and not red? And why not a picture? Why so bland?

On the plus side, the celebrity's name is reprinted on the back, so it's not all generic. And my particular swatch has stitching on the side... which I can see because the swatch doesn't even make it to the edge of the hole.

I seriously wonder how little effort went into this sub-set (from images I've seen online, the autograph cards are light-years better), so much so that it makes me doubt the authenticity of the pieces; I don't think a company with so little financial means for a proper card design could be bothered to purchase their ''authentic clothing'' from renowned auctions (Sotherbys?) and instead am leaning towards some garage sale in Dayton, Ohio or a shady Ebay seller with a lower-than ''5'' rating...

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