Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Henrik Sedin Jersey Card

Believe it or not, I was really hesitating as to whether or not I would feature Henrik Sedin the day after doing so for his twin Daniel. I'd been pretty good these past few weeks (months?) at alternating between autographs and jersey cards and wanted the switch to keep going, but I figured they were drafted consecutively (Daniel second, Henrik third) by the Vancouver Canucks in 1999, so I might as well go back-to-back myself.

If Daniel's the goal scorer, Henrik's the passer, with six consecutive 60-assist seasons with the one before that at 57 and the one after - the locked-out season - 34 in just 48 games. Like his brother, Henrik was on two end-of-season All-Star selections, and has an Art Ross and two NHL trophies in total - where Daniel also got the Lester B. Pearson, though, Henrik got the Hart; both are MVP trophies of sorts, so they remain pretty evenly matched.

Henrik also gets some Lady Byng votes, but is never in the top-10 in voting like Daniel is; he does get Selke votes because he's a center, though he's usually in the top-30 votes, which is far from being an actual contender for it.

Henrik's biggest season in terms of points also trumps Daniel's, 112 to 104, and though they've played together for most of their lives, those seasons were consecutive, due to an injury to Daniel in 2009-10.

His medal count with Team Sweden is also identical to his brother's: Olympic gold (2006) and silver (2014), World Championship gold (2013) and bronze (1999, 2001), U-18 gold (1998) and U-17 silver (1997). He's a little less productive than Daniel in international games, with 69 points in 81 games. He made the IIHF All-Star team at the 2013 Worlds.

For all the talk about the Sedins not being playoff performers, in the Canucks' last five post-season appearances, Henrik has 54 points in 56 games, including 22 in 25 when they lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals in 2010-11.

Which bring us to this card from Panini's 2010-11 Pinnacle set, card #96 of the City Lights Materials sub-set (numbered #496/499), featuring a blue jersey swatch matching the (awful) home uniform pictured both on the front and back of the card:
Notice the totally random, not-hockey-related story on the back of the card...

I had written Henrik in September 2010; I have since moved three times, and I don't count on any of those four cards to make their way back to me, ever.

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