Sunday, January 4, 2015

Santonio Holmes Jersey Card

Not that I'm a huge fan of the Baltimore Ravens or anything, but I was rooting against the Pittsburgh Steelers - as I often do - yesterday as the NFL playoffs continued. At this point, there are three teams I wouldn't mind seeing get to the Super Bowl: the Denver Broncos, the New England Patriots, and the Dallas Cowboys; on the other hand, if any of these teams were to win, I don't care who they face off against, though my preference would be to see the Broncos beat the Cowboys (dominating offense, Peyton Manning coming up big, Tony Romo choking).

Speaking of the big game, Santonio Holmes was once named the Super Bowl MVP (XLIII, February 2009). In my opinion, losing WR Larry Fitzgerald played a much better game, and kicker Jeff Reed's points were more valuable than Holmes', but who am I to judge?

Still, no one can take the award nor the championship away from the now-free agent, who was waived by the Chicago Bears last November after pretty much getting screwed over by the New York Jets, who asked him to restructure his contract and released him six months later.

Injuries have taken their toll on the wide receiver, but for a while, he was as consistent as you could ask for, with 49 receptions in his rookie year in 2006, then five-straight seasons with over 50, with a high of 79 in 2009; his yardage was also pretty much always near or over 15 per carry, and he started his career with four seasons with over 800 receiving yards (with a high of 1248 in 2009), and had 746 in 2010 in his first year with the Jets.

He did have a lot of trouble with the law - mostly related to anger management issues - with domestic abuse accusations, assault (throwing a drink in a woman's face at a bar), and disrupting a flight being chief among them, but he had steered clear from controversy of late.

Like Jessie Hester, he's from Belle Glade, Florida.

The Steelers' loss last night combined with the blizzard outside my window made featuring this card an easy decision:

It's card #101 from the Donruss 2009 Rookies And Stars set (numbered 84/299) by Panini, which I got in a trade involving a half-dozen cards going each way (I mostly gave up cards of players from Southern teams, and got mostly cards from teams in the North-East in return). I'm not usually too fond of cards that are Photoshop-heavy, but this one's design blends in very nicely with the snowy conditions Holmes is facing.

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