Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ron Stern Autograph Card

Ronnie Stern certainly didn't steal his inclusion in In The Game's 2013-14 Enforcers II set with card #A-RS of its Autographs sub-set, showing him wearing the Calgary Flames' classic red (then-away) uniform:

After all, he retired having played 638 regular-season NHL games - mostly with the Flames, but also with the Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks - with 2077 penalty minutes to show for it (good for 47th overall in NHL history), and 75 goals (less than Brett Hull scored in a single season), 86 assists and 161 points as well.

He didn't just fight anyone who asked him to - including some heavyweights way out of his category - but also killed penalties effectively and was often a team leader in checks, a lot of them of the ''ouch, that had to hurt'' variety.

He reached double digits in goals three times, with a high of 13 in 1991-92, and passed the 20-point mark the same number of times, with a high of 29 in 1993-94, which is also the year where he scored his lone career hat trick. He was forced to retire at the turn of the millennium because of back injuries, but he was an honest grinder who at times may have hit dirty (I remember a few knee checks).

Upon retiring, he tried his hand at banking, and now supplies gas companies with drilling equipment. He was born a Quebecer (in Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts, circa 1967) but I guess he became an Albertan as an adult - and that's fine. (/End of political innuendo). He was also involved in fundraising activities for an organization that facilitated the adoption of orphaned African babies.

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