Friday, June 19, 2015

1000th Post!

Wow, I'm not sure if I ever thought I'd get to 1000 posts, but here I am.

That's 628 autograph posts, 166 of them in-person, 196 by mail.
926 card posts.
19 on American football and 22 on baseball.
2 on politicians, though I have many more.
868 pertaining to hockey.

160 of the Montréal Canadiens.
58 of the Edmonton Oilers.
50 of the Ottawa Senators.
49 of the Calgary Flames.
40 of the Los Angeles Kings.
38 of the Colorado Avalanche.
35 of the Vancouver Canucks.
28 of the Boston Bruins.
28 of the Philadelphia Flyers.
24 of the Buffalo Sabres.
24 of the Florida Panthers.
24 of the New York Rangers.
23 of the Chicago Blackhawks.
18 of the Hamilton Bulldogs.

51 of Hall Of Famers.

And one of the unique Velvet la Touche.

Thanks for reading!

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