Saturday, July 18, 2015

Billie Jo Powers Autograph Card

I mentioned yesterday that I purchased a complete set of Benchwarmer Father's Day cards (eleven from 2012, one from 2010 and four from 2014). One of those from 2012 was a duplicate to me, because I'd received a similar one as a Redemption Card a year ago:
The only difference is that last year's Billie Jo Powers card I got was signed in purple/pink, while this one was signed in green. It'll join yesterday's Foursome on Ebay.

It would have been nice if BW had included ''new'' cards for 2015, and I wouldn't have been averse to Powers being one of them, as the Pittsburgh native reflects a positive energy that is a welcome change to the usual hard-nosed Steel Town attitude.

Not that she doesn't fight for what she wants: she runs a company with her mom that they built from the ground up, it's just that she seems to hold all the good cards in the deck of Life.

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