Saturday, April 23, 2016

Logan Couture Autographed Card

Going exactly against my predictions, the San Jose Sharks eliminated the Los Angeles Kings in Game 5 last night. On the bright side, that narrows down the list of teams I have a soft spot for in these playoffs...

It seems the Sharks are a little too celebratory, however, judging by post-game interviews. Logan Couture, in particular, seems a little whiny when he says:
Throughout the last couple of years, things have been said by players on that team that to me, personally, I take it as disrespectful. So it was nice to stick it back to them and beat them in this series. Even this series, someone was saying on their team that they had us right where they wanted us. I wonder if they've got us where they want us right now?
The Kings were arrogant and were playing mind games? Boohoo. They'd earned it by turning an 0-3 deficit into a 4-3 series win against a team that was so weak mentally they didn't even deserve to get paid to play. L.A. won the Stanley Cup that year, and the Sharks would have just folded in the Conference Finals like they always do - all fizzle, no snakes.

At 27 years old, Couture's now part of San Jose's leadership group, an alternate captain that needs to make the hockey world forget about all the collapses that happened on Patrick Marleau's and Joe Thornton's watch; he'll have to do so with Joe Pavelski, Marc-Édouard Vlasic and Martin Jones all stepping their games up. Best of luck to them.

Here's Couture with Team Canada, from the 2007 U-18s where he and his fellow countrymen finished fourth, losing the bronze medal game 8-3 to Sweden. Couture had two goals (both against Latvia in a 9-1 routing) and 4 points in 6 games on a team that only Steven Stamkos, Angelo Esposito and Drew Doughty tried to stop from choking in an embarrassing way:
It's card #12 from In The Game's 2007-08 O Canada set, which he signed in blue sharpie when the Sharks were in town a year ago.

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