Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jay Tibbs Autographed Card

Jay Tibbs was a pitcher who was best used as a middle reliever and sixth/backup starter. Many times, he could keep the opposition within reasonable distance, as can be attested by the four and a half times his ERA was below the 4.00 mark.

He only had two winning seasons (out of seven), but his two summers with the Montréal Expos - 1986 and 1987 - were close to that, as he posted 7-9 and 4-5 records, respectively, pitching a career-high 117 strikeouts in 1986.

He signed this 1988 Topps card (#464 in the collection by Topps) for me in thick black sharpie in the summer of 1988, when his Baltimore Orioles visited the Toronto Blue Jays - as did I:
(please forgive the cat hair that made its way onto my scan, and the checkmark that was on the penny sleeve)
He represents #50 in my Expos Numbers Project.

Fun fact: he played one of Ty Cobb's teammates in the 1994 biopic starring Tommy Lee Jones, in one of his finest performances.

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