Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Otis Nixon Autographed Card

What I remember the most about Otis Nixon was that he was so tall and lanky that a baseball bat would seem tiny and short when he was at the plate. Oh, and that he led the National League in stolen bases in 1991 while with the Atlanta Braves. That's on the field.

Off it, he... had issues. Most notably with cocaine, as he was arrested for possession and sent to rehab in 1987, then tested positive for it in 1991 and was suspended, missing the 1991 World Series in the process. He was also arrested with crack in 2013. And he "contributed to the delinquency of a minor" in 2015. And a "misdemeanor sexual battery" case in 2004.


Oddy enough, despite never hitting for .300, he was on the ballot for the 2005 Hall of Fame class and received a grand total of 0 votes.

I found it fitting.

Here he is from his days with the Montréal Expos, on card #451 from Score's 1989 Score set, which he signed in blue sharpie:
It shows him wearing the team's classic away - powder blue - uniform. Still, I can think of no more suitable representative of #35 for my Expos Numbers Project.

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