Friday, December 16, 2016

Shaun Alexander Jersey Card

Shaun Alexander was kind of a big deal.

2005 NFL MVP, which led him to sign the biggest running back contract in history up to that point. An NFL-record 28 touchdowns and a Seattle Seahawks-record 1,880 rushing yards. Three Pro Bowls. An NFL-record of rushing for over 100 yards in nine straight games against divisional opponents. He holds Seahawks records for career yards rushing (9.429), rushing touchdowns (100) and total touchdowns (112). He made the NFL's 2000 All-Decade Team. He was an impact player.

Then the injuries hit in 2006, and the fans started booing him. Then the Seahawks let him go, leading him to sign with the Washington Redskins in October of 2008, but they almost never used him. Then they let him go themselves.

Nowadays, he hosts a football-and-Christian podcast out of D.C., where he and his family have decided to settle, away from the pressure of being a full-time celebrity in Seattle. They have a farm... and nine children. Who are home-schooled. That's a lot of time in the family circle talking about Jesus, but whatever works to make good people is fine by me.

Here he is on card #IR-SA from Topps' 2008 Stadium Club set and Impact Relic sub-set, which I got in a multi-sport repack around 2010:
It shows him as a member of the Seahawks, wearing the white (away) uniform, with a blue game-worn jersey swatch right in the middle.

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