Saturday, September 28, 2019

Mikko Rantanen Jersey Card

(As per years past, this is a twin-post with my "regular" blog, where I predicted the Colorado Avalanche would finish second in the Central Division in 2019-20).

Mikko Rantanen has signed a six-year deal worth $9.25M per season to remain with the Colorado Avalanche - and on Nathan McKinnon's wing. With captain Gabriel Landeskog, they are probably the best three-man line in hockey.

Rantanen is entering his age 23 season - a couple of years yet until his "true prime" kicks in - and already has two 80-point seasons under his belt, and having improved on his goals totals every single season he's been in the NHL, going from 20 to 29 to 31.

He may start off a little bit slower for having missed the entire training camp, but by mid-October, he should be off and running again, especially when playing alongside the most valuable player in the league in MacKinnon, not just for what he brings to his team, but also for his now-below market $6.75M per year.

You might think Rantanen's just lucky to be there, a skilled playmaker playing alongside a superstar - and you may be correct for the moment, as his shot isn't yet hard enough to warrant a 30-goal production on his own - but do not sleep on the fact that he's a 6'4", 215-pound young adult who currently plays with grace. If he ever gets tired of playing nice and starts using that body like a power forward, you might start seeing some Eric Lindros-level physical dominance and it might be MacKinnon who starts riding his larger teammates' coattails.

In any event, the Avs are blessed by the fact that they can suit both up every game; it gives them instantaneous credibility and respect, and the status of an elite team.

Here is the young forward sporting the Avs' piping-heavy burgundy (home) uniform from the Reebok Edge days, on card #RM-MR from Upper Deck's 2015-16 Series 2 collection and Rookie Materials sub-set:
It features a matching event-worn (photo shoot) jersey swatch. I traded for it last season, helping a fellow collector finish his set with missing rookie cards in exchange for a jersey card of a player I try to draft in all of my hockey pools.

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