Monday, September 10, 2012

Trevor Linden Autograph Card

I was looking at past posts today, some two years old, and fell upon my TTM success from Trevor Linden from just about two years ago and came to wondering how the former President of the NHLPA saw the current negotiations - or lack thereof. And the greed on the owners' side.

Let's be honest: the only thing the players took from the last lock-out was earlier free agency, now coming as early as 24 years old for many who make the NHL upon their first tryout. The rest was a bulldozing effort won by the owners, including a salary cap that would even the odds and create parity, a 24% roll-back of players' salaries, and a form of revenue-sharing amongst owners to help teams who are struggling financially.

This time around, when the league is making $3.3 billion dollars a year in shared revenue (triple that of 2004), the Cup not having been won by the same team twice in a row 15 years, and the cap at over $70M this summer, it's the owners' fault for consenting to mind-boggling contracts - and I'm not thinking of Shea Weber per se (although matching the offer was silly), and while Zach Parise and Ryan Suter will be a bit over-paid for the next decade, I was thinking more of #4 defenseman Matt Carle netting $8M per season with the Tampa Bay Lightning as a particularly ludicrous deal. Imagine that - under the cap, the team cannot afford to have 9 players of his caliber but have a minimum of 20 jerseys to fill, although 23 would be ideal. That's a lot of wasted cap space on a second liner...

In any event, the former Vancouver Canucks' captain Trevor Linden has stayed out of the debate. And wisely so. I got this signed insert in a pack of Pinnacle Brands' 1997-98 Be A Player cards, and it's #9 in the set (the regular card, anyway, they don't differentiate between the regular and signed version in the numbering); it's autographed in thin black sharpie near the bottom of the card.

I'd forgotten about this card, actually, and just came across it recently now that I'm re-classifying my ''special'' cards in binders, by player - rather than in boxes, by year.

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