Sunday, March 30, 2014

Two Guillaume Latendresse Autograph Cards

Last week, I traded a Mike Ribeiro jersey card I was about to feature for these two identical Guillaume Latendresse 2006-07 Be A Player cards (#231 in the set, his rookie card for the brand - dubbed BAP Rookie - signed by black sharpie on stickers), from Upper Deck:
Though he has yet to officially retire, Latendresse has been a member of RDS' team of commentators since he was released by the Swiss team Zurich Lions after suffering a concussion - each team has a limited number of ''foreigners'' they can have on their rosters and having an injured Canadian taking one spot for no reason could have proven to be problematic.

He had 6 points and 20 penalty minutes in 12 games with the Lions, having had some trouble adapting his power-forward type of NHL play to the less-permissive Swiss league, but still ranking in his team's top-10 scorers at the time (though he was expected to be a point-per-game player there, which he may have become later on in the year). I would still take him on my team.

I had written Latendresse twice in recent years, once with success in 2011, once without while he was with the Ottawa Senators.

There is some weirdness on the top-left corners of the scans, those are from the penny sleeves, not the cards themselves.

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