Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ryan Getzlaf Jersey Card

Of course, when I decided to buy some Upper Deck 2014-15 Series 2 cards, the first "hit" I got was a Ryan Getzlaf UD Game Jersey card:
I like that it shows him wearing the Anaheim Ducks' new white (away) uniform, which is the reverse of their home one, which used to me their alternate garbs. They're really nice; they could very well be my favourite Ducks uniform of all time. The swatch used is back, though, so it's clearly from another uniform, especially considering the fact that this uniform wasn't used until last season, when the set was technically produced.

Getzlaf and the Ducks have a sub-par season in the under-producing Pacific division; they were supposed to be Stanley Cup contenders (though, in my opinion, they're an elite defenseman away from doing that) this season and are instead fighting with the Edmonton Oilers not to finish last.

I believe they can make the playoffs and perhaps face the Los Angeles Kings in the Division Finals. They are a much better team than the San Jose Sharks, whom I see failing, and the Vancouver Canucks (who lack depth) and Calgary Flames (who are experiencing a sophomore jinx as a group after surprising last year); the Oilers round up the rest of the expected-to-win-some-games group, while the Arizona Coyotes should crumble to the bottom of the NHL standings soon enough and the Kings are at the opposite end of the spectrum, as the cream of the crop.

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