Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Alicia Arden Autograph Card

Alicia Arden is one of the world's most sought-after models, not only for the obvious reason (her totally off-the-charts hotness), but also because any brand that hires her know she will disappear - as much as she can - behind the image the said brand wants to project, rather than force the brand to adapt to her like many other top models do.

By being such a chameleon, she can 'act' her way through different brands' ads and/or photo shoots and seem like a different person each time, thus not limiting her horizons, but expanding them.

For example, film actors can brand themselves however they want, from being the perennial good guy (Tom Cruise), to the always evil foreign guy (Jurgen Prochnow), to those who like to alternate between gig and small films (Brad Pitt). TV actors, though, because people identify them to their roles so much, rarely get to play in more than one show at a time.

Mrs. Arden, however, gets to play a recurring role on General Hospital while hosting Talk Soup and appearing in Real Time With Bill Maher, as well as guest spots on Baywatch and Silk Stockings - all while appearing in varied magazines like Maxim, Elle, W, Vogue, Redbook, and Bride's Magazine, as well as being the face on make up products as varied as Andrea Waxes, Bare Nicole Miller, and English Ideas Makeup and appearing in ads for Budweiser, Yamaha, Power Bars, and Aqua Tech Pools. Crazy, eh?

This particular card is from the 2006 Benchwarmer series. I love the way this series operates: their pictures are all taken by their own photographer, and autograph cards are all signed in the presence of a company representative. Additionally, most of the girls like to have fun with it, as proven here with Alicia Arden's signature, which not only is clear, legible and airy, but also goes over the allotted space for the signature - just like the heart she added. Good stuff!

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