Monday, February 8, 2010

Kelly Schumacher Autograph Card

So the Super Bowl's over, and the New Orleans Saints won the Vince Lombardi trophy... did you know there's another league in the U.S. that hands their champions a ball on top of a pyramid? Indeed - it's the WNBA champions (the women's professional basketball league) that hands out such a trophy, and here is a card honouring the 2007 champions Phoenix Mercury, and, in this case specifically, Kelly Schumacher.

Schumacher was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in October 1977, but her family soon moved to Canada, where she was raised. Thus, every time she achieves something, both the American and Canadian media are cheering for a ''local'' talent.

After defending the colours of the University Of Connecticut, she played for USA Basketball before the WNBA gave her a nod, via the Indiana Fever. For the 2005-06 season, she played in Spain, for the Perfumerias Avenida de Salamanca, where she won the championship. Her North American rights were then traded to the New York Liberty, who sent her to Phoenix the following year. After another championship, she signed with the Detroit Shock, where she played until 2009. She is believed to be back in Spain.

This particular card, manufactured by Rittenhouse, a company that is gaining more and more momentum actually producing cards, namely for hit TV shows but now also for sports - rather than just re-packaging other companies' cards as a ''hope-you-can-find-the-rare-card-amongst-all-these-Pro-Set-cards-I'm-over-charging-you-for'' novelty act like they used to. It is part of the 2007 WNBA Finals series, and despite not having an actual card number nor serial number, claims ''This Limited Edition card has been signed by'', although they fail to mention just how limited it actually is.

This card doesn't fetch so much on the market, $5-10 at most, but I wanted at least one WNBA collectible, and she's not a pain to look at - although she's no Sue Bird.

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