Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tiffany Selby Autograph Card

Florida's a breeding ground for... well, hot chicks. Tiffany Selby, originally from Jacksonville, is no exception to that. In fact, she may be proof that it's in the pudding - she started modeling at age 1, when she won the coveted - I imagine - title of Miss Baby Jacksonville. But that's just weird.

I'd rather concentrate on what she did after she turned 18, including when she moved to Orlando at the ripe age of 22, where her career really took off, with plenty of magazine and advertising work. Oh, and a little something called Playboy made her a Playmate.

When that happens, it takes very little time for everyone else to take notice, hence this 2006 Series 1 Authentic Autograph (#11 of 20 models) by Benchwarmer. Signed in thin black sharpie, the signature seems to take a life of its own, liek it's full of bubbles and joy.

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