Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 April Scott Autograph Cards

Some people can't do one thing right while others excel in more than one field - but who ever said Life was fair? April Scott, who I knew of as an actress and model is now in the process of recording a country album, and has just released her first single and video, which you can watch on her website.

I reviewed her movie The Dukes Of Hazzard: The Beginning here, somewhat unfavourably, and she also plays in I Do... I Did, Nite Tales: The Movie, Nite Tales 2, Living Will... and The Penthouse. She has also appeared on Entourage and been in two seasons of Deal Or No Deal as a briefcase hottie.

But what I like the most are her early credits: in 2003, she played in an episode each of The Shield and CSI: Miami where she played, respectively, 'Trish'' (no last name) and ''Tess Kimball''; however, in 2004, a CSI: Miami video game was released, in which she played... ''Trish Kimball''. Tess' sister - or a junior staffer just got high and inadvertently skimmed through imdb too quickly? We might never know for sure...

What we do know, however, is that she's a recent addition to the Benchwarmer card stable, and from the very first year where they featured her, they went all-out in including limited edition insert cards of her, which they don't do for all models. In this instance, I have three (yes, count them, 3!) of April's Halloween Autograph sub-set cards from the 2010 Benchwarmer Vault collection (cards #VH 2 of 16), all certified on the back of the card as having an authentic autograph - and you can tell they're all from the same person's same session, too.

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