Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Candice Michelle Autograph Card

Often times, I upload these ''girl cards'' knowing very few people will have heard of the person depicted on the card; this is not one of those times. Even if the name Candice Michelle doesn't ring a bell, you've seen her many, many times.

Born Candice Michelle Beckman-Ehrlich on September 30, 1978 - a mere 16 days after myself - in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she moved to Los Angeles in 1999 after winning a few modeling contests. After enrolling in acting school, she started using her middle name as her last name and her career took off in a hurry. In addition to modeling, she appeared on a bunch of TV shows, including Party Of Five, 7th Heaven and the Cinemax softcore series Hotel Erotica.

In 2002, she appeared as Playboy's Cyber Girl Of The Week and could subsequently be seen in the films Tomcats (with Jerry O'Connell), Anger Management (with Adam Sandler), DodgeBall (with Ben Stiller) and A Man Apart (with Vin Diesel).

Having always been in top physical shape - to say the least - she often appeared on the cover of fitness magazines; it was only a matter of time before putting that body to work would become very lucrative. In 2004, she made her wrestling debut for the WWE and went on the win the Women's Championship belt. By the end of the decade, however, injuries - specifically recurring collarbone breaks - forced her out of wrestling, and she was free to resume her acting and modeling careers full-time.

She has been a regular cast member of Playboy TV's Totally Busted ( prank-based show) and, from 2005 to 2008, was the official Go Daddy Girl, appearing in four consecutive Super Bowl ads for the brand, before getting replaced by Danica Patrick. In movies, she now appears in more serious films, such as indie gem Thumbsucker and John Travolta's sleep-inducing follow-up to Get Shorty, Be Cool.

All in all, if you've watched TV or films or seen ads in the past decade, you've probably seen a lot more of the shapely Mrs. Michelle than you initially thought.

And chances are you don't mind seeing her here, from this beautiful autograph card from Benchwarmer's 2010 Signature Series (card #100A), signed in black sharpie. Because of who she is, her autographed cards are usually among the most valuable of all Benchwarmer cards; this one can already reach five times as much as others in Ebay auctions, and is considered to already be worth $25-35.

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