Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Craig Billington Autograph Card

Craig Billington had a decent career as a backup goalie in the NHL, mostly with the New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche, but also with the Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senators. Well, it wasn't so great in Ottawa as he went 11-41-4 (not a typo...) with a 4.59 GAA and .859 save % in 1993-94 and 0-6-2 with a 4.07 GAA and .867 save % to start off the 1994-95 season, but he had his best seasons with the Avs after that, backing Patrick Roy, with GAAs in the 2s and save percentages above .900.

Unfortunately for Billington, he missed out on many Stanley Cups, joining the Avs between their two, and having left the Devils before theirs.

As a junior, however, he was quite successful, winning two World Junior medals (gold in 1985, silver in 1986) and being named top goalie in 1985, as well as OHL All Star Game MVP in 1984-85.

After his playing career, he joined the Avs' front office staff; he is currently their VP of Player Development.

This card (#S151), signed in thin black sharpie, was found as an insert in a pack of Upper Deck's 1995-96 Be A Player set, where they would airbrush team logos from jerseys because they didn't have the rights to display them. If you look closely, he's wearing a Bruins black (away) jersey, but not only is the logo absent from his chest, they identify him as playing for ''Boston'', without naming the team.

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