Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lou Body Autograph Card

 Once more, a post similar to Sal's!

From Signature Rookies' 1995-96 Draft 96 set is card #4, Harvard Crimson's ''consistent defensive-minded rearguard'', Lou Body, numbered 1234/4500 - yes, that's one-two-three-four. It was signed in (very) thin blue sharpie.

What's funny is that the year before this card's issue (i.e. the one he's supposed to be pictured in), Body was actually playing for the ECHL's Richmond Renegades; he stopped playing for Harvard University in 1993-94.

Undrafted, Body stopped playing organized hockey after the 1995-96 season after a second consecutive 24-point season with the Renegades.


  1. Clearly, you have the better Lou Body card, since it is numbered 1234. My Lou Body card is numbered 2410.

    Now, I am jealous :)

  2. I'm open to trades... :P

    Also, any Lou Body card is a ''better'' Lou Body card. Think of all the collectors who don't have/know of a regular-issue Body card, let alone an autographed one!