Monday, March 31, 2014

Canada Post Rant

I was in for a heck of a surprise at the post office today, when I was expecting to mail a bunch of packages for current and retired players only to find out that unlike their website had been stating since January, the rates for sending within Canada didn't increase to 65 cents today, but a whole dollar, meaning a bunch of TTMs I'd sent recently don't have enough stamps on them to make it back to me...

I had sent 46 within Canada so far in 2014, and received 6, meaning 40 of them have yet to make it back (I'm fairly confident at least half of those had permanent stamps which aren't affected by price fluctuations, but the last few didn't).

Every TTM reception was already treated like a blessing, it'll be doubly so now.

Which means I'll likely be featuring cards I found in packs or cards I got signed in person a long time ago for a while, which is fine considering the backlog of those I do have.

They just could have been more up-front about it.


  1. odd... the website I read said that it's a dollar per stamp, unless you buy them by the roll, then they'll cost you .85 each.
    still too damn much.

  2. Yeah, that's what it says now, but as late as two weeks ago, they still said 63 cents ''tolerated until March 31st'', then ''full price'' of 65 cents...