Saturday, March 29, 2014

Willi Plett Autograph Card

2011-12 was the year that Willi Plett was brought back into the hockey card hobby... I'd written about his 2011-12 Enforcers card (and his career) nearly two years ago, and figured I'd feature this one as well to justify packing my 'P' binder in preparation of next week's move (yes, this will be my fourth residence in less than four years):
It's from Upper Deck's 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions set (card #97, the autographed insert sub-set, players in his category - Group D - were inserted 1:110). It shows him wearing the Atlanta Flames' red (away) uniform, probably from a pre-game warm-up (no helmet, almost-empty stands).

Despite his name being spelled correctly in front of the card and on the back where his statistics should appear, it is spelled wrong twice in the text that serves as a certificate of authenticity:
All the more reason to ''enjoy the card'', I guess!

Can you think of any other mistake the card may have? Here's one, with all due respect to a Calder trophy (Rookie Of The Year), 33- and 38-goal scorer: he's in the Champions set despite having never won a chanpionship. Not a goal-scoring nor a point-scoring championship, certainly not a Stanley Cup, though he was a member of the 1987-88 Boston Bruins that lost in the Finals.

The closest thing he has to a championship is when his Tulsa Oilers won the Central Hockey League (6 teams) title in 1975-76, the third-level minor league of the day (behind the AHL and IHL).

Still, I'm more than happy to have two of Plett's signed cards in my collection, as I consider him an important part of 1970-1980s NHL folklore.

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