Thursday, November 13, 2014

Alexei Zhamnov Autographed Card

I waxed poetic about Alexei Zhamnov last month, and I found another card I had him sign at those Winnipeg Jets pretend camps in the mid-1990s:
Clearly I didn't know about pre-erasing the first (few) layers of gloss off cards back then, and I used someone else's sharpie (mine were thicker back in the day) for this one. It's from Pinnacle Brands' 1994-95 Score set (card #154 in the series) and is signed in black sharpie. He is shown sporting the team's purplish-blue (away) uniform, with the Goals For Kids patch I mentioned in this old post on Thomas Steen.

He had just come off his second straight season where he was a better-than-a-point-per-game player, with 51 goals and 143 points (and 120 penalty minutes) in 129 games for both years.

It was by chance that I fell on this card when coming home from the Montréal Canadiens hosting the Jets two nights ago - a Habs shutout win - looking through a box of cards for something else.

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