Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Andrew Walter Jersey Card

For all of you who thought Donald Trump getting elected was weird, I offer you this: Andrew Walter, former Arizona State University Sun Devils star quarterback, breaker of Pac-10 records held by the likes of John Elway turned Oakland Raiders "what if?" perpetual trivia answer was vying for a seat as a Republican House Representative in 2014; trailing behind incumbent Wendy Rogers in the crucial final stretch, he came up with the following means of attracting campaign donations:
Hosting an "Evening of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms" Friday night at a gun club in Scottsdale. Contributors who buy the "expert package" at $1,000 each will get 250 rounds of ammunition and the chance to fire from three weapons. Those donating $250 get a single box of ammo for the opportunity to shoot a Glock 18, a handgun typically used by law enforcement.
Let me remind you that Arizona was the site of a January 2011 mass shooting that killed six and wounded 13, including then-representative Gabby Giffords.

Maybe that's how you get a quarterback to retire at 27: you use him as the Raiders did, as a crash-test dummy who receives blows to the head on a consistent basis - enough to have him forget to throw or run the ball, finishing with just 2 wins in 9 starts and 15 total games over four seasons, with just 3 touchdown passes for 16 interceptions.

He's then set to not make sense for the rest of his adult life.

Here he is wearing the Sun Devils' burgundy uniform, on card #JC/AW from RC2 South's 2005 Press Pass SE set and Game-Used Jersey sub-set, with a matching swatch:
It is numbered 559/700 and came in a multi-sport re-pack I purchased probably six years ago.

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