Sunday, January 29, 2017

Brad Richards Dual Swatch Card

Once every four to six weeks, I go on Ebay to see if there's anything that would inspire me to look at a specific set to buy packs of, or just to see if I had missed anything with sets I was sort of familiar with, which is how I fell onto this card of Brad Richards' two weeks ago:
It's card #TD-RIC from Panini's 2012-13 Limited set and Limited Travels sub-set - one I had never heard of but I find is a terrific concept: it shows him both with the Dallas Stars and New York Rangers, and features a game-worn swatch of each - black for the Stars and white for the Rangers. I like how the picture of him with the Rangers is clearer, as he metaphorically faded from the Stars to the Blueshirts.

The back also has a nice tidbit of information, revealing that he holds Dallas' second-highest point production mark, among other things:
This is a much better alternative to Frankencards, very original, fun and informative. This one is numbered 14/199.

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