Saturday, August 18, 2018

2018-19 Upper Deck Hockey MVP Blaster Box Break

I wasn't on the lookout for this, seeing as we're closer to mid-August than the end of the month, but when I came across a blaster box of 21 (20+1) packs of Upper Deck's classic 2018-19 MVP set, I jumped on it.

You'll recall past years had three more packs, for 15 more cards total, but I can live with that. You still get over a hundred cards for $30 (plus taxes, which comes up to just under $35 in Québec, so probably $25 in the U.S. and Canada).

The base cards are pretty cool, as can be seen below, and I didn't get a single double in the entire box:
I got three "Puzzle Back" cards, two of which I believe will form Nathan MacKinnon's card:
The other one probably belongs to Sidney Crosby, meaning both players would hail from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia:
I fell upon three Silver Scripts cards, none of which I will likely keep long-term:
I did get a bunch of rookie cards, one of which was of the "base" variety, of Dylan Sikura:
And (count 'em!) three Copper parallels, of Dominic Turgeon (Pierre's son), Joe Ricketts, and Adam Gaudette:
And there was one that it under the Player Credentials sub-set (i.e. Entry Level Access), of Ryan Donato:
And two players I'd take on my team any day in the "regular" Player Credentials sub-set, Jamie Benn and Brendan Gallagher:
Perhaps the coolest bub-set this year, though, is the 20th Anniversary Parallels, which takes the same picture and stats line as the regular-issue card but puts it in the inaugural 1998-99 MVP template, like these cards from Drew Doughty and Mathew Barzal:
Of note, the 20th Anniversary cards includes a blurb about the player on the back of the card that is absent from the base version.

As usual, this is far from a premium set, but its affordability makes collecting the base cards a perfect starting point for autograph seekers like myself.

I'll rate this one a solid 7/10.

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