Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joe Sakic Jersey Card

Here is perhaps my favourite hockey player (skater) of all time - Joe Sakic, in his white Colorado Avalanche uniform (card # F-JS, celebrating former first-round picks, which I guess was one way to make the Upper Deck Ice collection somewhat different from all the others the company releases every year).

I'm a big fan of this card, because it's certified as being game-used (not just during a photo shoot as some are), the piece on the back is glued on crooked, and it sports a cool Sakic picture, but I'm not a fan of the trend it's a part of, which is to incorporate in cards pieces of memorabilia touched by a player for a short amount of time. It started with jerseys, but they ran out of them, so they started using photo-shoot-worn jerseys, but even that got old, so now they're at pieces of sticks and gloves - and even arena boards.

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