Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sergei Samsonov Jersey Card

Oh look - a white piece of jersey... somehow fitting for a player who was lame, boring and afraid to get dirty when he came to the Montréal Canadiens after being a scoring threat for the Boston Bruins (the team from this jersey). Yup, that's midget Sergei Samsonov, free agent bust.

This 2005-06 Upper Deck Series 2 card (J2-SV) was a letdown just like its player - I was never a fan, not when he was a hated Bruin, not when he was a flake-out Hab, not when he was a hated Hurricane. I was happy when he was an unknown Black Hawk, because I had totally forgotten about him. And the box that contained the pack that contained this card had a picture of a Steve Yzerman jersey card. You hope for Yzerman, you'll "settle" for (or be even happier with) Joe Sakic or Peter Forsberg... you get Samsonov.

I was hoping some of his sweat hadn't made it onto the jersey, then I remembered we're talking about a player who didn't get within 90 feet of the opposition's net, so I'll be fine.

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