Saturday, September 26, 2009

Peter Forsberg Jersey Card

Many hockey commentators and fans saw Peter Forsberg as more talented and a more complete player than Joe Sakic. Not me. He may have been faster, slicker, and would hit more, but he didn't have Sakic's wrist or backhand shots, and he definitely couldn't take a hit like him either. Which led to the final 7 years of his career where he'd attempt comeback after comeback only to miss more than half the games and never really be comfortable playing. And stints with the Nashville Predators and in Sweden.

What he was, though, was the second piece in the best duo in the NHL, tantamount to (at least) the Colorado Avalanche's second Stanley Cup.

This jersey card has a piece of the team's predominant burgundy 'away' jersey, from a set I know nothing about. It's manufactured by Upper Deck, limited edition (69/100), and the ront of the card mentions UD Play Makers Limited, which I assume is the collection, and Player's Club Gold Jersey, which I assume to (only) be what they call jersey cards in this collection. The card number, as is usual for these, has the player's initials in it (#J-PF).

That's the problem when a company makes too many sets - not only do the same players and same type of memorabilia intertwine, you get lost in their very titles and abandon looking anything up because it takes too long.

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