Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brent Sutter: 6 Autographed Cards (Part 2)

(continued from the previous post)

The NHL's 75th Anniversary logo was also prominent of the following year's cards, as demonstrated here:

The card on the left is from Score's 1992-93 Score (Canadian) set (card #112), while the card on the right is from Topps1992-93 Bowman set (card #147), a brand of baseball cards from the game's golden era that they successfully revived for that sport and began producing for hockey as well until collectors relegated it behind every other Topps brand (by pretty much ignoring it, with its light, sub-par cardboard stock and minimalistic retro design) and the company ceased to produce it - for hockey anyway. To this day, it is still manufactured for baseball.

And perhaps the best-looking card of the lot:

From the 1994-95 Pinnacle set (card #117), by Pinnacle Brands (formerly known as 'Score'). The red ink is the exact tone of the Hawks' jersey, for once, both dark and bright at the same time. The team works hard at having some of the best-looking uniforms in the game, it's a shame when it goes under-appreciated. At this point in Sutter's career, his 12-straight 20-plus-goals seasons had just come to a halt, but he was the Sutter brother who had played the most NHL games - regular season and playoffs.

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