Friday, May 23, 2014

Audrey Allen Autograph (Redemption) Card

Not bad for someone who hasn't purchased a single pack of Benchwarmer's 2013 Bugglegum set - yet: I still got the lone redemption card from it (on Wednesday), after mailing in over a hundred empty wrappers of previous editions, featuring first-time Benchwarmer (and the June 2013 Playboy Playmate) Audrey Allen:

Not to be confused with the actress of the same name from the 1950s, this model - who works in L.A. but considers Denver her hometown and natural habitat - is a psychology student and humanitarian who loves to read (though her favourites are the Harry Potter series...).

Her ideal vacation is one where she never leaves the hotel... and she has a thing for guys who play the guitar.  *clears throat*

She also goes by the names Audrey Aleen Allen, and Audrey Andalise.

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