Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mike Richards Jersey Card

This card seems to follow yesterday's Ryan Getzlaf card everywhere: I got them in the same shipment of Upper Deck's 2006-07 Be A Player Portraits (card #FE-MR, part of the First Exposures sub-set), and I stored them in the same box for future use. And now they're facing each other in the post-season, Getzlaf with the Anaheim Ducks and Mike Richards with the Los Angeles Kings, teams they have each won the Stanley Cup with.

The card shows Richards back when he was a member of the Philadelphia Flyers, and features a decent-sized black swatch from a photo shoot:
Not yet 30 years old, Richards has won a Memorial Cup, Calder Cup (AHL championship), World Juniors gold, World Championships gold, Olympic gold, and the Stanley Cup - that's one Calder Cup more than Scott Niedermayer's resume boasts, who is often considered the winningest hockey player of all time.

The former Flyers captain has been relegated to third-line duties with the Kings this year, but has proven to remain a clutch performer; he just needs to give his team one more win against Anaheim and let Marian Gaborik and Anze Kopitar work on getting the other one.

I was 7/8 in my first round predictions, but every team I'm rooting for in the second round (Kings, Chicago Blackhawks and Montréal Canadiens) has let their opponent back in the series, and I'm not sure my cardiologist appreciates the extra workload on my poor little fanboy heart.

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